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Blog action day groot succes

Annet Smith

Van de organisatoren van Blog Action Day (eerder deze week) kreeg ik een mailtje vol positief nieuws:
"The very first Blog Action Day was an unprecedented success and we've got the final wrap up where the site used to be at http://blogactionday.org/ complete with statistics, sample posts, details of the huge amount of press coverage we had all overthe world, quotes and more. It's a must see. Please feel free to spread the word around asit's great for people to really see what we achieved together.
And if I could just say a huge thank you to every single one ofyou, all 20,603 registered bloggers who took the plunge even ifit meant going off their regularly scheduled programming andstood up to be counted."
Goed om te horen dat zoveel mensen hieraan gehoor hebben gegeven. Wel een beetje slordig dat de plaatjes en de links die maandag nog werkten, dat nu ineens niet meer doen...
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