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Raarste gadget van de week: VINCI Tab, de tablet voor baby's

Annet Smith

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Je kan maar beter vroeg beginnen met een gadget verslaving, moeten de makers van de VINCI tablet hebben gedacht. Op de CES (Consumer Electronics Show, die ieder jaar in januari in Las Vegas plaatsvindt) werd dit apparaat gepresenteerd in een tijd dat tablets uit alle hoeken en gaten tevoorschijn lijken te komen. Hun slogan: Inspire the genius. Mooi toch? Even wat andere marketing speak:

VINCI Tab is a mobile touchscreen computer created with your baby’s safety as our primary concern. A protective soft-cornered handle uses non-toxic medical-grade material (see Safety). Unlike other tablet and phone devices, VINCI has no WIFI functions (no WIFI/3G) minimizing emissions and ensuring safety for very young users - infants and toddlers up to 3 years old.
VINCI is powered by the revolutionary Google Android operating system. We encourage 3rd party developers to join our efforts and develop age-specific, inspirational games and story books.
VINCI's patented hardware design ensures:
  • No compromise of your baby's safety. We know babies are attracted to mobile devices. Our design protects babies from injury by using baby-safe materials and by minimizing emissions.
  • Age-specific, inspiring and educational applications designed for babies. No need to worry about your baby viewing inappropriate content.
  • No need to censor or protect your content/device from your baby or worry about your baby accidently deleting important content.
  • Peace of mind knowing there will be no unintended charges for connectivity, downloads etc.

 Prachtig toch? Of gaat dit nou echt te ver?

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