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Raarste gadget van de week: through the looking glass

Annet Smith


Ik dacht even dat het de spiegel uit Harry Potter was, want daar lijkt hij wel op en deze interactieve spiegel is zeker bijzonder te noemen. Hij heet Through the looking glass en het is een concept van Romy van den Broek. Dit staat er op de site bij:
Fairytales are stories rich with imagination and folklore. Telling, or reading fairytales is an experience of whimsy and imagination. They stimulate your fantasy and help you escape from reality as they teach you life lessons through morals and deeper meanings. I wanted to design something that let’s you actively experience a fairytale. I wanted to encompass interaction and participation in order to enrich the experience of a fairytale.
The final product is a mirror that invites interaction with fairytales. This mirror is for children and allows them listen as well as interact with the story.
They become the main character and begin to see themselves surrounded by the elements of the story. They interact with the story as the mirror functions as a touch screen and uses motion capturing software. For example, the children gather stones for Hansel in the forest, and this allows the story to continue. The mirror also allows the possibility for two children to play with the story together. The form of the mirror invites the children to step into the world of the story.
For the prototype I have chosen to bring to life the story of Hansel & Gretel. However, any fairytale could be played with this mirror.

Ik vind het een prachtig idee om kinderen helemaal in een verhaal te betrekken, dit zou zeker niet misstaan op een basisschool.

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